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We unite a new wave of talent and brands who share a greater purpose

Experience how purpose driven talent acquisition drives growth and impact.

Devoted to you, and
a compassionate future

We listen more than we talk
Before we get to work, we take the time to learn
your needs. We want to know your passions, what motivates you and the future you see.
We only present solutions that fit
We do our work with your needs in mind.
When you hear from us, you know we've got something that's uniquely right for you.
We invest in our collective future
It’s up to all of us to create a more just,
equitable and sustainable world.
Join our community of change-makers.
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For Organizations

Be united with
a new wave
of talent

Discover talent who share your values, live your culture, and dream of the same future that you see. Once we get to know one another, we’ll unite you with the purpose-driven talent you’ve been searching for.

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For talent

Be united with
a new wave
of work

Use your talents to make an impact. Let's discuss your skills, experience and goals so we can unite you with brands building
a future that inspires you.

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Your SDG

United Nations Development Goals

We’re building relationships with brands that are striving towards UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Share the goals you’re passionate about and we'll facilitate connections with brands who are making an impact on what matters to you.

Share your goals

Our founders’ story


NuWave was officially formed in 2019 by co-founders, Greg Kunsman and Tasheyia Thomas who both shared a common
drive for fundamental change.
They knew it was possible to build more meaningful connections that would impact our collective future.

Greg had been recruiting in the advertising space for over a
decade at that time. After countless conversations, he began to resonate with talent who wanted to do work that would lead to transformational change in the world. A paradigm shift was needed and a movement was starting.

Tash could relate. She was working at a well-respected advertising agency and was having similar conversations with many people who were seeking more meaning in their lives. She felt compelled to help people connect with their purpose.

Let's work together for the greater good of humanity.

Get to know us

Your brand’s mission needs believers

Learn more
People who share your values, live your culture, and dream of the same future you see.

And honestly, most people won’t be a fit. We’ll unite you with the rare gems who are. Talk with us and let's discover who you might be missing.


What our clients say

“I’ve worked with NuWave Talent over the years, and the most impressive thing about the NuWave Team is their thorough and rigorous approach to identifying the exact, right talent the personality of said creative person, their level of experience, their range of creative tone, their salary range, the kind of accounts they’re best suited to excel on, and many, many other nuances that truly zero in on the perfect candidates. All the heavy-lifting, investigative work is done up front so the search is exact and efficient.”

Bill Oberlander

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

“SYPartners has had a truly rewarding experience partnering with NuWave Staffing Agency. Greg and Tash seamlessly integrated into our recruitment process, navigating diverse roles in design, strategy, administration, and program management with finesse and professionalism. NuWave's innate capacity to grasp and adapt to our unique requirements has been the cornerstone of our collaboration. Their unwavering dedication to surpassing expectations has fostered a deep sense of trust with our hiring managers, resulting in enhanced collaboration. Throughout this journey, they have meticulously crafted a candidate experience that embodies transparency and open communication, enhancing the process for all involved. Moreover, NuWave's commitment to diversity has broadened our horizons, connecting us with talent from markets and industries previously unexplored and ultimately enriching our collective capabilities. This profound partnership with NuWave Staffing Agency has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on SYPartners. We wholeheartedly recommend NuWave to any organization searching for a recruitment partner whose expertise and devotion to excellence will leave a lasting impact.”

Anthony Quigly

VP Business Performance

“I’ve partnered with Greg Kunsman for over 10 years. In that time he and his team have proven to be the most effective and reliable recruiting team I’ve found. I have leveraged them for recruiting efforts across all channels. They have sourced and filled reqs for me from entry level to SVP, both contract and full time, creative and management, even specialized skill sets. When I transferred from the consumer space to healthcare, Greg was one of my first calls. We resource managers have countless demands on our time, many of which revolve around talent deficits. It is a relief to be able to call Nuwave and receive high priority support from them. They’ve made a huge difference in my ability to be an effective Resource Manager.”

Samantha McGuire

Director, Resource Management at Digitas Health
Formerly, Resource Manager at VML

“Working with NuWave has always been a great experience – in the ad world, we sometimes find out about needs days in advance, and having NuWave as a partner to help us fill those needs has been a huge benefit. Not only have they always produced candidates quickly, it is always candidates who not only hit the requirements of the position, but often they exceed them. NuWave is the first vendor on my list for any creative needs because of their candidate quality, quickness in identifying the right person, and most importantly their approach to partnering with agencies. I think of NuWave as an extension of my team, which makes working with them all the better.”

Ryan Schamp

Resource Manager
DiD Agency

Your talent should serve your

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Do you know what it’s like to yearn for more purpose and alignment in work?

That’s why we started NuWave, and we’ve found our calling: helping you live and work in harmony with yours. Talk with us, let’s discover where your heart is.

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