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Why hire purpose-driven talent–going beyond skills

Hiring purpose-driven talent can be transformational. Choosing job candidates who have a sense of purpose, in addition to relevant skills, has the potential to enrich an organization on multiple fronts. A great hire can improve team performance, contribute to a company’s competitive advantage, and even bring a sense of fun to the workplace. 

What Is Purpose-Driven Talent?

First of all, what do we mean by purpose-driven talent? These employees have personal alignment with organizational mission and/or values, often extending beyond work obligations. A mission-aligned employee at an eco-clothing brand might volunteer on shoe recycling drives or take environmental science courses online.  Similarly, a values-aligned employee might mirror an organization’s commitment to psychological safety with involvement in a community listening project.

Benefits of Hiring for Purpose

Improve Retention

So how does hiring for purpose pay off? On the most basic level, it improves talent performance by  increasing employee engagement and reducing attrition. A recent Gallup survey found that the majority of workers “don’t find their work meaningful, don’t think their lives are going well or don’t feel hopeful about their future.” Conversely, mission-driven companies have been found to have 40% higher retention rates. Amplifying meaning at your organization and then hiring with talent who connect with your mission is a great way to build resilient, effective teams.

Demonstrate Leadership

Intentionally seeking out purpose-driven talent is also a great way to demonstrate leadership in your industry. It’s clear that the relationship between employer and employee is in flux. Hiring for a purpose-driven culture helps you prepare for future possibilities and challenges in the future of work, rather than reacting to threats as they emerge.  There’s some evidence that companies’ pro-social efforts have a diffusion effect, meaning your organization’s leadership can make a real, positive difference.

Improve Workplace Culture

This sense of meaning can even bring a sense of productive fun to the workplace. We spend much of our time at work, why not make it more enjoyable? An employee survey by Asana Labs found that fun at work may look like collaborative, creative, or educational activities. Mission or values-aligned employees will quite likely appreciate this kind of joyful purpose and their engagement can in turn feed innovation at your organization.

Be More Competitive

Finally, purpose-driven talent can support your organization’s edge as a competitive, innovative company or nonprofit. While technical skills may be the first thing that comes to mind for innovation, mission is also incredibly important. It’s been found that “mission-driven companies had 30% higher levels of innovation…and they tend to be first or second in their market segment.” Purpose will help drive your organization’s ability to acquire aligned talent. They, in turn, may be more motivated to support your mission with great collaboration and out of the box thinking, creating a flywheel effect. 

Connecting with Purpose Driven Talent

At NuWave, we’ve made it our mission to jumpstart this flywheel effect by connecting talent and brands who share a greater sense of purpose. Over the years, we’ve seen how impactful a values-aligned hire hire can be, for both employers and employees. And while we obviously value candidates’ skills, we also recognize the power of identifying the core values and higher purpose of talent so we can connect them with  opportunities that allow them to make a meaningful impact. Organizations that are able to earnestly engage with this emerging trend may find that it transforms their productivity, culture, and position as industry leaders.

NuWave's Co-Founders connect purpose driven organizations across the country with talent whose values align with their mission. Tap into our network to find talent who are seeking meaning in their work and a way to contribute to a brighter future for humanity.  Let's talk.

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