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What we offer

A true talent acquisition partner helps organizations thrive.

  • Acquire talent and gain time

    We do the leg work so you can skip straight to interviewing vetted candidates. Our team proactively sources and screens talent to save you time.

  • Discover who’s not on your radar

    Find people who are looking for you. Our network of purpose-driven talent are actively seeking introductions to organizations that align with their values.

  • Keep a pulse on the market

    Gain the intel from thousands of conversations we’re having with talent and organizations that impact your sector.

  • Have your needs anticipated

    Our proactive approach to talent acquisition means we can identify and address business needs before they become mission critical.

How we add value

Founders & Executives

We take a deep dive into your needs and consider the long-term goals of the organization. By  providing detailed market and talent insights we’re able to help give you a clear picture  of what’s possible with your staffing goals.  We give you your time back so you can stay focused on the bigger picture of building your vision.

Marketing Leaders

With over two decades of combined experience Greg and Tash have a unique ability to assess creative and non-creative marketing talent quickly and accurately. We have deep networks of world class talent who have contributed to award-winning work and can help bring your Marketing to the next level.

Talent Acquisition and Resourcing

We help lighten the load of too many job reqs and urgent freelance needs. If your talent team is at capacity or looking for a unicorn that requires an in-depth search, we’re able to take that off your plate. We provide you with vetted talent who you’ll feel confident presenting to your hiring managers.

Uniting talent and organizations

Our networks run deep with Creative and Non-creative talent in the Marketing/Advertising industry including C-Suite executives and all levels of:

Creatives (Art and Copy), User Experience professionals, Account Managers, Strategists, Planners, Project and Product Managers,  Producers, Social Media Managers, Editors (Copy and Video) and more.

Steps to your

The difference between a partnership with NuWave Talent versus working with a vendor is our investment in your vision.

Let’s talk
Step 1 - Gather Intelligence

Gather Intelligence

We ask questions and listen. We learn about your culture, your long-term goals and the specific requirements of each position so we can unite you with talent who are dedicated to helping you drive toward your mission.

Step 2 - Source and Screen

Source and Screen

We tap into our networks and have in-depth conversations. We screen for skills and experience, but more importantly we dig for insightful information that goes far beyond their resume.

Step 3 - Curate and Present

Curate and Present

After our search, and discovery, we present you with a variety of qualified candidates who possess unique abilities and can make an impactful contribution to the future of your organization.

Step 4 - Interview to Hire

Interview to Hire

We prep, facilitate, and communicate with talent throughout the interview process to ensure a successful placement is made and no loops are left open.

Step 5 - Track and Grow

Track and Grow

Our work continues even after the hire. We provide ongoing support to help you work successfully with your new team members and facilitate future growth.

Partners depend on us

Digitas Health


SYPartners needed to hire a Talent Acquisition executive  with a unique background to join their team and a recruiting partner who could conduct this nation-wide search for them.  Simultaneously, they needed to outsource their talent acquisition to a trusted partner who could work directly with their hiring managers to fill other key open roles across the organization and deliver high quality talent.


They engaged us on a retainer basis to conduct the Talent Acquisition executive search and work as an extension of their team. Together, we successfully placed managers across Project Management, Design, HR and Administrative support. Our support empowered the HR team at SYPartners to handle their overflow with ease.


With an influx of new business, DH needed to bring on multiple creative and non-creative freelancers quickly as well as fill multiple senior level, full-time positions.  At any given time there were 20-30 urgent open requests.  Many times ad agencies would choose to engage multiple vendors to fill that many seats so quickly.  Our partners at Digitas Health saw the value of working with just one agency they could trust who had a deep understanding of their business goals and culture they were looking to build.


Working as their dedicated partner, we gained key insights about the Agency’s vision and strategy which allowed us to attract many high-quality, diverse candidates to join them. Our work empowered our main points of contact at the agency to perform better in their roles by focusing on their bigger picture goals within the organization. We also played a key role in bringing more diversity into the agency at all levels and enriching their company culture.


A client contact that we had worked with previously started a new role as Resource Manager at DiD, a newly created position for the agency.  Being new to the role, he wanted a recruiting partner who he could trust to help with hiring quality freelance talent quickly and within budget.


We started by doing a deep dive into the needs of the agency and scheduled a weekly standing meeting to get updates and support his changing needs. Every week, we brought in new talent to meet the assortment of roles our client needed to fill. In addition to gathering and filling the constant flow of new requests, we played a key role in managing the day to day logistics for freelancers to ensure they had a positive experience with the agency.


Our advertising agency partner was in the market for a Creative Director with a very unique mix of skills, experience, portfolio of work and leadership ability.  Since this was an extremely targeted search and a bit of a needle in a haystack, our contact at FCB knew that NuWave would be the partner she could count on to find the right person for the job as quickly as possible.


We found our client an award winning Creative Director who met all their needs but during the offer phase, the talent happened to get another offer and it happened to be a better fit. Instead of convincing him to take this job, we advised him to follow his gut and accept the other job. We delivered the difficult news to our client and went back to the drawing board. Within a week, we presented a new candidate who was equally suited for the role but in her case, the position was exactly what she was searching for as the next step in her career. This Creative Director accepted whole heartedly and continues to thrive at the agency.

Why purpose-driven talent?

According to Inc, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 –  and they are looking for socially responsible employers. When talent’s values align with your organization, they become driven to help realize your mission.

Talent should feed culture

Each new hire you make impacts the culture you’re building. We unite you with a diverse pool of talent who are passionate about your vision and will bring value to your organization.

Purpose driven talent outperforms

Research from Deloitte discovered that purpose-oriented companies have higher productivity and growth rates, along with a more satisfied workforce who stay longer with them. Every brand, start-up, non-profit, ad agency, and investor group has a unique purpose. We work across verticals and sectors to align you with talent that drives your organization’s mission forward.

Purpose with every role

We’ve placed talent from entry level to C-suite and everything in between. No role can be overlooked, because every piece of the puzzle is needed to build a rich, diverse and purposeful team.

What our clients say

“I’ve worked with NuWave Talent over the years, and the most impressive thing about the NuWave Team is their thorough and rigorous approach to identifying the exact, right talent the personality of said creative person, their level of experience, their range of creative tone, their salary range, the kind of accounts they’re best suited to excel on, and many, many other nuances that truly zero in on the perfect candidates. All the heavy-lifting, investigative work is done up front so the search is exact and efficient.”

Bill Oberlander

Founder/Chief Creative Officer

“SYPartners has had a truly rewarding experience partnering with NuWave Staffing Agency. Greg and Tash seamlessly integrated into our recruitment process, navigating diverse roles in design, strategy, administration, and program management with finesse and professionalism. NuWave's innate capacity to grasp and adapt to our unique requirements has been the cornerstone of our collaboration. Their unwavering dedication to surpassing expectations has fostered a deep sense of trust with our hiring managers, resulting in enhanced collaboration. Throughout this journey, they have meticulously crafted a candidate experience that embodies transparency and open communication, enhancing the process for all involved. Moreover, NuWave's commitment to diversity has broadened our horizons, connecting us with talent from markets and industries previously unexplored and ultimately enriching our collective capabilities. This profound partnership with NuWave Staffing Agency has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on SYPartners. We wholeheartedly recommend NuWave to any organization searching for a recruitment partner whose expertise and devotion to excellence will leave a lasting impact.”

Anthony Quigly

VP Business Performance

“I’ve partnered with Greg Kunsman for over 10 years. In that time he and his team have proven to be the most effective and reliable recruiting team I’ve found. I have leveraged them for recruiting efforts across all channels. They have sourced and filled reqs for me from entry level to SVP, both contract and full time, creative and management, even specialized skill sets. When I transferred from the consumer space to healthcare, Greg was one of my first calls. We resource managers have countless demands on our time, many of which revolve around talent deficits. It is a relief to be able to call Nuwave and receive high priority support from them. They’ve made a huge difference in my ability to be an effective Resource Manager.”

Samantha McGuire

Director, Resource Management at Digitas Health
Formerly, Resource Manager at VMLY&R

“Working with NuWave has always been a great experience – in the ad world, we sometimes find out about needs days in advance, and having NuWave as a partner to help us fill those needs has been a huge benefit. Not only have they always produced candidates quickly, it is always candidates who not only hit the requirements of the position, but often they exceed them. NuWave is the first vendor on my list for any creative needs because of their candidate quality, quickness in identifying the right person, and most importantly their approach to partnering with agencies. I think of NuWave as an extension of my team, which makes working with them all the better.”

Ryan Schamp

Resource Manager
DiD Agency

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